"There are many hopes behind despair. There are many suns behind the darkness". RUMI

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Santandreu Calonge, David, Canadian University Dubai
Santos, Carlos Pereira dos, Center for Functional Analysis, Linear Structures and Applications, University of Lisbon & ISEL-IPL (Portugal)
Schnepfleitner, Frances Maureen, EdD in Education– University of Liverpool, UK
Shah, Mariam Aman, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)
Shaughnessy, Michael F., EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY (United States)
Slate, John R, Sam Houston State University (United States)
Smith, Deja (United States)
Sousa, Carla, Lusófona University, CICANT (Portugal)
Sturdivant, Toni Denese, Texas A&M University-Commerce (United States)
Sturgis, Sylvia

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